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Davidson & Affiliates, Esqs. has the best attorneys in line to deem itself as one of the best law firms in Athens, GA. Our success is due to the knowledge, skill, experience, and intelligence of the attorney working your case. 

From getting justice in criminal cases to resolving family disputes to taking your case to arbitration or mediation, Davidson & Affiliates, Esqs. has been serving the community for over 25 years. We are widely respected by local judges, fellow lawyers, and even court personnel.
Practice areas we specialize in include:
Estate And Probate — The Judge Sit In Courtroom in Athens, GA
Why choose Laurence Davidson as your attorney? I provide service to my clients that most others don't.
  • I answer my own phone - why go through an answering service when you have an important legal question?
  • I prepare all documents myself - no legal secretary or paralegal.
  • I am available for you '8 Days a Week'.
  • I am available to come to you should you be unable to come to my office.
  • I have provided services to literally thousands of individuals seeking assistance with innumerable family law matters.
  • I have prepared over 8,000 sets of uncontested divorce papers.
  • My fees to prepare uncontested divorce papers starts at only $250.00.
Get detailed information about how we can help your specific case, click here for Attorney Davidson's resume, or learn more about Attorney Davidson here. We look forward to fighting for your rights and resolving your case in your favor. Call today!

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"I searched google looking for an attorney for advice. Called this office and Mr. Davidson answered the phone, gave his best advice and most honest opinion about my situation, told me "to save money, do this" wow!!!! I was impressed and he listened, empathized, apologized and gave best advice I've ever gotten regarding my slum of a landlord. I really appreciate this guy, more than he knows. I can tell he's not on of those attorneys, who doesn't care about their client. I joined yp just to post this because if there is a lost, confused, frustrated or whatever person out there in need of an attorney and or advise I would highly recommend you call Davidson& Affiliates. Im telling you I dont know much about the law and my rights and the advice I was given today, changed my perspective, my situation and everything. We need more people like Mr. Davidson i the world."
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