SGMA217 Research Help

Do you or your group need help with research for the SGMA217 Fall 2014 Group project? Blog_SGMA217

The Business Library can help!

1. The Research guide for this project is very helpful in providing resources?to find information?on all parts of the assignment. Note that the guide has tabs to divide the resources into the following topics:

Company Information
Industry Information
Journal and magazine articles
Demographic and Social?Trends

Note that the “Citing” tab shows you the basics of how to cite information sources within your paper as well as how to construct the list of references according to APA format.

2. The Library?reference staff is happy to help you on an individual basis or as a group. You may visit the Library reference desk, phone (402-220-6113) , email ( or chat live with a Librarian through instant messaging (see the Library’s homepage)

3. The PowerPoint presentation from your class by Liz Watson is available on the homepage of the Research Guide or directly at: SGMA217 Class PowerPoint.

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World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014

IMD has just released the 2014 edition of the World Competitiveness Yearbook. It is imd world competitivenessavailable to students, staff and faculty at the University of Calgary in print format and online.

This is an excellent resource for research in International Business. The Yearbook assesses the competitiveness of 60 countries based on 338 criteria and summarizes strengths and weaknesses of each economy.

What other resources are available for U of C students researching the field of International Business?

The Business Library has compiled an International Business LibGuide that is a research guide providing many resources for research in this area. The LibGuide provides sources of information regarding:

  • Relevant books and databases
  • Country information – very relevant to research on doing business in foreign countries
  • International trade (importing and exporting)
  • Statistics (includes economic indicators, trade/foreign investment statistics etc.)
  • Multinational companies
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RefWorks and More


As a University student you may have heard the terms RefWorks or EndNote.

RefWorks and EndNote are citation management tools, also known as bibliographic software.

These tools help you manage your research by storing all the information sources and references you use when researching for a paper, essay or thesis. They allow you to create a personal database of all the sources you have used while conducting your research, and organize these references. References can be automatically exported from databases, websites and catalogues into your personal database.

Some bibliographic software tools interact with your word processing program and allow you to correctly format in-text citations and even create your bibliography at the end of your paper.

Some of these products have versions adapted for use on mobile devices (RefWorks, EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero)

There are basically two types of citation management tools:
– web-based
– software programs that you install on your computer

Web-based tools:
– RefWorks
– EndNote Online
– Mendeley

Desktop software:
– Zotero

Also note that some tools are free and others are cost-based.

Library staff at the U of C have created guides to assist with your choice of citation management tool as well as assistance using the various tools.
Check out these guides:
Bibliographic Software Overview (includes a comparison chart)



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Welcome back!

Welcome back all Haskayne students, staff and faculty! A young man walking on campus with his backpack and a positive attitude.

The Business Library staff is looking forward to seeing all returning students, staff and faculty and meeting all the new faces that will be joining the Haskayne “family” this fall.

The Library offers many resources and services to support students, staff and faculty in course work, assignments, research and more.

Where is the Business Library?

– located on the 3rd floor of Scurfield Hall (across from the Dean’s office) (SH301)

What are the Library hours?

– Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 8:00 pm
– Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
– Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

How to contact the Business Library

– visit us in person
– phone: 403-220-6113
– email:
chat live with a librarian using instant messaging


– Reserve collection – instructors place course readings and textbooks on reserve in the Library. This material may be borrowed for use in the Library

– Books, magazines, journals, newspapers – the library has an excellent collection of current print material on all aspects of the business and management fields

– Computers – the library has 14 public access computers. Laptops may be borrowed for use in the library. All computers are connected to a network printer located in the Library. Wireless printing is also available.

– Recharging stations for phones, tablets and laptops

– Quiet study space

– Group study space


– Reference service – knowledgeable library staff is happy to help students, staff and faculty find information resources to support coursework, assignments, research etc. Visit the library in person,? phone (403-220-6113), send us an email (, or chat live with a librarian using instant messaging

Research databases – there are over 60 research databases specific to the business subject area. Use these databases to find journal articles, data, reports, financial information, market research and much more.

Research Guides – the library has created research guides specific to business topics, courses and class projects – a great place to start your research!

– specialized databases – special business databases like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Capital IQ, Datastream, WRDS etc.

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Board Diversity

A current issue in the area of corporate governance is board diversity. There has been B89902118much discussion in the media recently that has focused on greater representation of women on corporate boards. Consider recent news articles like these:

Twitter’s diversity report: white, male and just like the rest of Silicon Valley, The Guardian, Friday 25 July 2014

More provinces to adopt Ontario’s disclosure rules for women on boards, The Globe and Mail, July 3, 2014

The Trouble With Gender Quotas. Huffington Post, July 29, 2014

Women on corporate boards: companies need ‘to open their minds’, CBC News, July 20, 2014

The spread of gender quotas for company boards, The Economist, March 25, 2014

Mixed-sex boards are better governed, study shows, The Globe and Mail, July 2, 2014

How Many Women Are In the Banking Board Room? The Wall Street Journal, May 15, 2014

Appointing more women to boards would be a good start, Vancouver Sun, July 1, 2014

Gender Target Aims To Transform Malaysian Boards, But May Take Time, Forbes, July 21, 2014

For more in-depth information on this topic, here are a few online resources:

Canadian Board Diversity Council
– The Council conducts research on the progress of diversity on Canada’s corporate boards.
In partnership with the Globe? and Mail, the Council issues an Annual Report Card and Ranking.

– a nonprofit organization focused on? expanding opportunities for women and business.

Gender Diversity and Corporate Performance (Credit Suisse)
– This report (2012) addresses the question: does gender diversity within corporate management improve performance?

Board Games 2012 (Globe and Mail Report on Business)
– The focus of the 2012 Board Games report is the slow progress of women on corporate boards in Canada.

Women in Leadership: Perceptions and Priorities for Change, The Conference Board of Canada, May 2013

Canadian Board Index 2013 (Spencer Stuart)
– board trends and practices of leading Canadian companies. This year the report features: “Gender Diversity in the Boardroom: A Spencer Stuart Perspective”

Search for journal or magazine articles on this topic – some suggested databases are listed here. When searching these databases try using search terms like: “board diversity”; “Women directors of corporations”;? “women on boards”; “gender diversity”; “glass ceiling” etc.

Business Source Complete

Family & Society Studies Worldwide

SocINDEX with Fulltext

Electronic books:

Getting women on to corporate boards : a snowball starting in Norway. (2013) By Silke Machold.

Gender diversity of boards of directors of Canadian ICT companies : where we are–why it matters–overcoming the challenges. (2013) By Karen Wensley

Progress in inches, miles to go : a benchmarking study of women’s leadership in Canada.
(2013) By L. Pauline Rankin.

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CAPP 2014 Crude Oil Forecast, Markets and Transportation

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has just released the 2014 Crude Oil Forecast, Markets and Transportation Report.

The report includes production and supply forecast, Canadian, US and international petroleum industrymarkets and pipeline information. Data tables for Production and Supply Data and Refinery Data are provided as Excel spreadsheets and a pipeline and refinery map is available as a pdf document.

This annual report is an excellent overview of the Canadian crude oil industry, forecast for the coming years, and a good source for current statistical data.

Other excellent reports are published by Alberta, Canadian, US and International energy industry organizations:

Alberta Energy:
Oil Sands Quarterly

Industry Activity Reports (Monthly)
Energy update

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers:
Statistical Handbook

Energy Information Administration:
Annual Energy Outlook 2014 with Projections to 2014
Short-term Energy Outlook
Monthly Energy Review
International Energy Outlook

International Energy Agency:
World Energy Outlook 2013 (U of C authentication is required off-campus)
Medium-term Oil Market Report 2013 (U of C authentication is required off-campus)
Medium-term Gas Market Report 2013? (U of C authentication is required off-campus)
Key World Energy Statistics 2013

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013
The Business Library has created a Research Guide on Energy that provides resources regarding the energy industry, statistics, prices, regulations, social responsibility, news and more.






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Canadian automotive industry

A recent study by the Office of Automotive and Vehicle Research at the University of automobile manufacturingWindsor revealed that “Auto makers spent $17.6-billion (U.S.) around the world in 2013 to increase vehicle-making capacity, but not a dime of that money was invested in Canada.” (Globe and Mail, April 8, 2014)

The Canadian automotive industry has a long and interesting history and recent years have been especially tumultuous for this industry.

Where can you find?further information?on the Canadian automotive industry?

Autonomous state : the struggle for a Canadian car industry from OPEC to free trade
Author: Anastakis, Dimitry
Call number: HD9710 .C22 A53 2013
“Autonomous State provides the first detailed examination of the Canadian auto industry, the country’s most important economic sector, in the post-war period.”

Re-thinking Canada’s auto industry [electronic resource] : a policy vision to escape the race to the bottom : it’s about the community
Author: CAW-Canada.
Call number HD9710 .C2 Internet
Pub date: 2012

Bailouts and subsidies [electronic resource] : the economics of assisting the automotive sector in Canada
Author: Shiell, Leslie.
Call number: HD9710 .C2 Internet
IRPP study ; no. 28.
Pub date: 2012

Here is a list of additional books on the Canadian automotive industry available at the University of Calgary Library.

Industry reports:
Industry Canada: Automotive industry

Recent trends in Canadian automotive industries
Author: Bernard, André, author.
Economic insights (Statistics Canada)?June 2013

Canadian auto manufacturing: running again, but how much fuel is left in the tank?
Author: Ignjatovic, Dina.
Observation (TD Economics), 2013

North American Automotive Sectors Industry Profile (Mergent Online database)
– this report discusses Canada separately from the U.S.

Canada Autos Report (Business Monitor International)
– issued quarterly by BMI and available through the Business Source Complete database
– includes 5-year forecast

Automotive Manufacturing in Canada (Marketline)
– Marketline publishes regular industry reports on automotive manufacturing.
– available through Mint Global database and Thomson ONE database

Canada’s Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Industry (Conference Board of Canada)
– issued twice a year and available through the Conference Board of Canada database
– includes industrial outlook

Canada’s Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Industry (Conference Board of Canada)
– issued twice a year and available through the Conference Board of Canada database
– includes industrial outlook

Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-trailers in Canada (Euromonitor International)
– this industry report is available in the Passport GMID database

Canadian Auto Investment Stalls
Globe and Mail, April 8, 2014

Canadian auto sales nudge higher in March
Reuters Canada, April 1, 2014

Magna expands automotive electronic systems plant in Canada
Automotive Business Review, April 9, 2014

Toyota recalls 6 million vehicles, 500k in Canada
Global News, April 9, 2014

Autos: Chrysler To Drop Request For Aid In Canada
Rogers, Christina; Vieira, Paul. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition [New York, N.Y] 05 Mar 2014: B.4.

Find many more news articles using the following databases:
Google News
Canadian Newsstand
CBCA Complete

Journal, Trade and Magazine articles:
Chrysler will stay in Canada for now.
By: Vellequette, Larry P. Automotive News. 3/10/2014, Vol. 88 Issue 6611, p65-71.

Strategic roads that diverge or converge: GM and Toyota in the battle for the top.
By: Chowdhury, Shamsud D. Business Horizons. Jan2014, Vol. 57 Issue 1, p127-136.

Polarized politics and the changing auto landscape
Automotive News88.6614 (Mar 31, 2014): 12.

Saving the Canadian car.
By: Lorinc, John. Canadian Business. 10/28/2013, Vol. 86 Issue 17, p7-8

Proposed emission regulations on new cars are not costless.
By: Green, Kenneth P.; Wood, Joel. Fraser Forum. Mar/Apr2013, p32-33

Find additional journal, trade and magazine articles using the following business databases:
ABI Inform Complete
Business Source Complete

Industry Associations:
Automotive Industries Association of Canada

Canadian Automobile Dealers Association of Canada

Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association

Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association

Global Automakers of Canada

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association of Canada

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Demographic information

Business students are often required to analyze demographic information for specific regions to support market research, environmental scans, entrepreneurial study anfpmr_cover_2012d other business-related research.

What is meant by demographics?
According to Investopedia, demographics refers to “Studies of a population based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, among others … Segmenting a population into demographics allows companies to assess the size of a potential market and also to see whether its products and services are reaching that company’s most important consumers.” (

What are the best resources for finding demographic data?
Calgary Community Profiles (City of Calgary)

Calgary Demographics? (Calgary Economic Development)

Statistics Canada: Census Metropolitan Area of Calgary (2011 Census data)

Alberta Demographic Data and Analysis (Alberta Treasury Board & Finance)

Population and Demography (Alberta Office of Statistics and Information)

Statistics Canada: Province of Alberta (2011 Census data)

Alberta Economic Dashboard

Population and demography (Statistics Canada)

Canadians in Context (Employment and Social Development Canada)

FP Markets: Canadian Demographics (print book – available in the Business Library)

United States
People and Households (United States Census Bureau)

Demographics (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Demographics and Social Statistics (United Nations Statistics Division)

Country Statistical Profiles (OECD)

World FactBook (Central Intelligence Agency)



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Social media marketing

Marketing students are often asked to research “social media marketing” as a marketing Social Media Marketing conceptstrategy.

According to Cambridge Business English Dictionary online, social media marketing is defined as:
“methods for advertising products, services, or brands using the?internet, by attracting the interest of groups of people who discuss them, make suggestions about them, etc. online.” (

What are the best resources for students wishing to research social media marketing?

1. Articles:
– there is a lot of literature on using social media as a marketing strategy.
Try searching the following databases:
ABI Inform Complete
Business Source Complete
Communication and Mass Media Complete
Google Scholar

Here are some suggestions for key words to use in your search:
“social media” or “social marketing” or “social media marketing” or “online marketing” or “internet marketing” or “video marketing”.

2. Social Media Statistics and Reports:
The 2010 Canada Digital Year in Review (ComScore)
– requires registration to download

The 2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus Report (ComScore)
– requires registration to download

Canadian Internet Use Survey (Statistics Canada)
– includes “Internet use by individuals, by type of activity

Pew Research Center
– The Pew Research Center “informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.”
– provides extensive research, data and analysis on topics like internet use and activities, social media, social networking, advertising etc.

3. Market Research databases: database
– look for this new report:
The iPad and Its Owner: Trends and Statistics 2014

Passport GMID database
– look for these reports:
Top 3 Trends in Social Media for 2013 (April 2013)
Technology, Communications and Media: Canada (January 2013)

– Canadian Advertising Rates & Data online includes many online and interactive media sources.

Canadian Media Digest 2013/2014? (Canadian Media Directors’ Council)
– includes a chapter on “Digital & Emerging Media”



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Economic Indicators

Economic indicators are pieces of economic data (usually macroeconomic) that are used to determine the overall health of an economy. Economic indicators may be evaluated for economies of various magnitudes, for example, a city, province, country, region etc.

The Library has some excellent online books about economic indicators and the [Cover]application of these indicators:

Guide to Economic Indicators 6th ed.,Revised? (2007) By Economist Publications Staff Authors

The trader’s guide to key economic indicators (2012) by Richard Yamarone.

The complete idiot’s guide to economic indicators (2009) By R. Mark Rogers

Measuring economic insecurity in rich and poor nations (2012)? By Lars Osberg

For additional books on this topic Click here.

Conference Board of Canada is an excellent source for economic indicators – it regularly updates international, Canadian, provincial and metropolitan economic data. Use the “Topics” tab to access “Economic Trends”

What are some authoritative sources for economic indicators at various regional levels?

International (International Monetary Fund)
– select the “Data and Statistics” tab

World Development Indicators (World Bank)

OECD Factbook: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics


Canadian Economic Indicators (Statistics Canada)

Bank of Canada: Rates and Statistics


Alberta Economic Dashboard

Economic Indicators by Province (Statistics Canada)


Current Economic Analysis (City of Calgary)

Economic Indicators (Calgary Economic Development)


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