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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Medical Research Going Out The Door To China. Finally We Are Seeing The Damage The PRC Is Doing To The US


Dozens of scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the U.S. government’s handsomely funded medical research agency, have been fired over their secret financial ties to Communist China. It is not clear how long they went undetected or how much taxpayer-funded research they stole, but so far 54 scientists have been booted for failing to disclose a troubling financial arrangement with a foreign government. In the overwhelming majority of cases—93%—the cash came from China, according to an ongoing NIH investigation that started two years ago. Also, in most of the probes the targets were Asian men in their 50s. The bulk of the ousted researchers received generous grants from the NIH, a federal agency with a $41.7 billion annual budget.

The probe, launched in the summer of 2018, is being conducted by Dr. Michael S. Lauer, Deputy Director for Extramural Research at the NIH. It mainly focuses on 285 active grants distributed to institutions in 27 states and 59 cities, totaling $164 million. Investigators singled out 399 “scientists of possible concern” and found that 133 (70%) had an “undisclosed grant” from a foreign government and 102 (54%) had an “undisclosed talents award.” More than 150 committed other NIH violations. Nine percent of the researchers concealed ties to a foreign company and 4% had an undisclosed foreign patent. Around three quarters of those investigated had active NIH grants and almost half of the scientists had at least two grants funded by American taxpayers. Every year the NIH invests tens of billions of dollars in medical research by giving around 50,000 grants to more than 300,000 researchers at more than 2,500 universities, medical schools and other institutions throughout the country. Only 10% of the agency’s budget supports projects conducted by scientists in its own lab in Bethesda Maryland.

Less than a year ago, a congressional investigation found that the NIH is among the government agencies that have long permitted Communists working in the U.S. to steal billions in taxpayer-funded scientific research. Others include the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Energy’s (DOE) national laboratories. For years all have been deeply impacted by Chinese infiltrators stealing valuable research, according to a scathing U.S. Senate report that describes the probe’s findings. Investigators determined that billions of dollars in scientific research funded by American taxpayers has been stolen by China right under our noses and the U.S. government has no viable plan to stop the ongoing theft of the highly valued intellectual property. In the meantime, the publicly funded work is helping the Communist nation meet its goal of becoming a world leader in science and technology. “This report exposes how American taxpayer funded research has contributed to China’s global rise over the last 20 years,” the document states. “During that time, China openly recruited U.S.-based researchers, scientists, and experts in the public and private sector to provide China with knowledge and intellectual capital in exchange for monetary gain and other benefits.”

While the Chinese Communists run their illicit operation on our own soil, the federal government’s grant-making and law enforcement agencies do little to stop it, which makes the NIH’s probe long overdue though it only considers a tiny portion of its multi-billion-dollar grants. Besides the FBI practically ignoring the violations, the government research agencies impacted by the costly crimes have failed to develop a coordinated response to mitigate the ongoing threat, Senate investigators found. “These failures continue to undermine the integrity of the American research enterprise and endanger our national security,” Senate investigators determined. China uses hundreds of government-funded talent recruitment plans—specifically mentioned in the new NIH probe—to incentivize individuals engaged in research and development in the U.S, transmit information in exchange for salaries, research funding, lab space and other perks. The Communists then use the American research for their own economic and military gain. An example is Chinese talent recruitment members who downloaded sensitive electronic research files before returning to China, submitted false information when applying for grant funds and willfully failed to disclose receiving money from the Chinese government on U.S. grant applications. One Chinese talent recruitment member removed 30,000 electronic files before heading back home. Another filed a patent based on U.S. government-funded research and hired other Chinese recruitment plan members to work on American national security projects. The NIH has not revealed specifics on the recently fired scientists with ties to China nor have the culprits been identified.

Chinese infiltrators have been stealing valuable research from the U.S. government for decades. In fact, more than 20 years ago Judicial Watch helped expose a Chinese Communist scientist (Wen Ho Lee), who stole nuclear secrets from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, among the world’s largest science institutions and the nation’s key nuclear weapons research facility. The Bill Clinton Justice Department refused to prosecute Lee because then Attorney General Janet Reno claimed the accusations against him were racist. Judicial Watch represented the whistleblower, Notra Trulock, responsible for launching an investigation into Lee’s actions. Trulock was the DOE’s intelligence operations chief and Clinton administration officials defamed him by accusing him of being a racist to cover up Lee’s repeated and embarrassing security violations.

Beverly Hill Prohibits Demonstrations! Liberals Strke Again

It seems that while many liberal celebrities are more than happy support disruptive protests and ‘Autonomous zones’ run by anarchists, they aren’t so happy when such things take place in their own neighborhoods.

This certainly seemed to be the case in Beverly Hills, an area in which countless Hollywood celebrities live, earlier this week when it banned any public protests as well as the establishment of ‘autonomous zones.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

Celebrities and other wealthy residents of Beverly Hills, California, and the surrounding area may be happy to contribute millions to “freedom funds” to pay bail for rioters arrested in other major cities, but they’re moving quickly to shut down demonstrations — and the possibility of an “autonomous zone” like the one taking shape in Seattle, Washington — from coming anywhere near.

Using coronavirus as an excuse, the City of Beverly Hills issued a strict order earlier this week banning protests, demonstrations, and curtailing plans for an “autonomous zone” in one of the country’s wealthiest districts.

Celebrities and other wealthy residents of Beverly Hills, California, and the surrounding area may be happy to contribute millions to “freedom funds” to pay bail for rioters arrested in other major cities, but they’re moving quickly to shut down demonstrations — and the possibility of an “autonomous zone” like the one taking shape in Seattle, Washington — from coming anywhere near.

Using coronavirus as an excuse, the City of Beverly Hills issued a strict order earlier this week banning protests, demonstrations, and curtailing plans for an “autonomous zone” in one of the country’s wealthiest districts.

Mayhem Reins Supreme In Areas Near Seattle's Chaz

Owner Of Store Bordering CHAZ Says He Called 911 Numerous Times While Mob Showed Up, Says Police Never Came

A Seattle Police Department SWAT vehicle drives to a protest in Seattle, Washington on June 12, 2020.
Photo by Noah Riffe/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

According to various reports, an auto-shop 

owner whose store just outside the Capitol 

Hill Autonomous Zone, known either as 

“CHAZ” or “CHOP,” called 911 multiple 

times on Sunday night after a protester

 allegedly got into the store, stole cash and

 lit a counter on fire,

 but police and the fire department never

 showed up, even though a mob broke

 down the fence guarding the store and 

demanded that the owner release the

 then-subdued suspect.

The owner of Car Tender, John McDermott,

 told KIRO 7 News that he received a call 

after the suspect shattered a window, then

 set fire to the front counter. McDermott 

said the suspect poured hand sanitizer on

 a cassette tape, yanked the film out,

 poured hand sanitizer on that, then lit 

everything on fire. He added that he and 

his son Mason put out the fire before 

Mason pursued the suspect.


“I chased him down and as soon as I came

 face to face, he came at me so I put him 

on the ground,” said Mason McDermott, 

adding that he pinned the suspect while

 his father dialed 911 a total of 19 times. 

Mason McDermott said the suspect sliced 

McDermott’s jeans with a box-cutter.

“Other protesters soon arrived — and video

 on social media shows the mob eventually

 knocking over a section of fencing, running 

in to confront the owners and angrily demand

 the return of the original suspect,” 

the New York Post reported.

John McDermott said he was “heartbroken” 

when they “finally said that they weren’t 

going to send somebody. I mean, they are 

the cavalry.” He said he released the suspect

 to avoid “mayhem beyond mayhem” while 

his son drew a gun for protection.

“I think the mayor and governor need to get their act together — because this is beyond a protest,” Mason asserted, adding, “Nobody showed up when literally our lives are on the line.”

According to The Seattle Times, Police Chief Carmen Best said officers responded — but “observed the location from a distance.”

“They did not see any signs of smoke or fire or anything else and they did not see a disturbance,” said Best. “The officers did not observe, from the report that I read, anything they perceived as a threat to life safety and they did not go in.”

Deedee Sun of KIRO asked the Seattle Police Department why they had not come to the site. In an emailed statement, the department responded: “Seattle Police did respond to the incident last night and documented the incident on a report. The case number is #2020-188030. Due to limited staffing, we are unable to provide you with a redacted copy of the narrative.”

Asked by Sun why the Fire Department did not respond, Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins answered, “We’re still trying to figure that out. We have a little more follow-up to do. We did look at the area and there are no signs of fire inside the building but there was a small fire set. The owners did put the fire out.”

McDermott said no police officer showed up at the scene.

“Multiple others at the scene said they never saw SPD either,” KIRO reports.

The Daily Wire, headed by bestselling author and popular podcast host Ben Shapiro, is a leading provider of conservative news, cutting through the mainstream media’s rhetoric to provide readers the most important, relevant, and engaging stories of the day. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a member.

When We Defund Police, Who Do We Call?

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Is China Getting Bit By Its Bug?

Beijing City Releases Inconsistent Data on New Virus Infections as Outbreak Worsens

June 15, 2020 Updated: June 15, 2020

A new outbreak in the city of Beijing has prompted authorities to enact strict measures to contain the virus.


A city official said on June 15 that the entire city has entered “war-time mode,” while people infected with the virus after visiting Beijing have been located in Hebei, Sichuan, and Liaoning provinces—spurring fears that the virus was spreading further.

Meanwhile, authorities cited contradictory figures for new virus infections. New internal documents that The Epoch Times obtained revealed yet another figure.

Chinese medical specialists attributed the new outbreak to contaminated salmon that was sold at a Beijing market, leading to authorities halting imports of European salmon—though experts say the fish itself is unlikely to carry the disease.


China’s National Health Commission announced on June 15 that 36 new patients were diagnosed with the CCP virus in Beijing the day prior.

Later on Monday, Beijing announced that between June 11 to 14, 79 people were confirmed to be infected and experiencing symptoms, with seven others as asymptomatic carriers. China counts the latter in a separate category.

However, internal documents from Ditan Hospital, the only hospital in Beijing known to be currently treating COVID-19 patients, obtained by The Epoch Times, showed that on June 14, the facility treated 375 patients who had fever—41 of them diagnosed with COVID-19.

That is five more than the officially announced figure of 36.

For the dates of June 11, 12, and 13, the hospital’s data matched the officially reported ones: one, six, and 36.

But Chinese authorities’ data itself was also inconsistent. Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of the Beijing municipal health commission, said at a press conference that about 200,000 residents in the city received nucleic acid tests in the past days.

“On June 14, Beijing tested samples from 76,499 people. Fifty-nine of them are positive,” Gao said. But Gao didn’t explain why the number doesn’t match with the officially announced 36 diagnosed patients and 6 asymptomatic carriers for June 14, which totals 42 positives.

The outbreak has spread to other parts of the country. Southwestern China’s Sichuan Province reported on June 15 that there was one newly diagnosed patient, who came back to Sichuan from Beijing on June 9. Her husband is still in Beijing and was also diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 14.

Also on Monday, northern China’s Hebei Province reported three confirmed patients and one asymptomatic carrier. They are the grandmother, mother, father, and six-year-old child in the same family. All four had visited Beijing recently, and two of them visited the Xinfadi food market, which authorities claim to be ground zero of the new outbreak.

The sprawling Xinfadi market is a complex of warehouses and trading halls spanning an area the size of nearly 160 soccer pitches. Xinfadi is more than 20 times larger than the seafood market in the city of Wuhan where some of the first CCP virus cases were recorded. Thousands of tons of vegetables, fruits, and meat change hands at the market each day.

‘War-time Mode’

Senior Beijing city government official Xu Ying said at a daily news conference on Monday: “The containment efforts have rapidly entered into a war-time mode.”

Xu said 7,200 neighborhoods and nearly 100,000 epidemic-control workers had entered the “battlefield.”

The new cases have led many areas in Beijing to reimpose tough measures first seen when the virus was spreading across the country in January, including round-the-clock security checkpoints, closing schools and sports venues, and reinstating temperature checks at malls, supermarkets, and offices.

Residents were also advised to avoid crowds and gathering in groups for meals.

Some districts also sent officials to residential compounds in what they described as a “knock, knock” operation to identify people who had visited Xinfadi.

On Sunday afternoon, the Huaxiang area of Fengtai district, Beijing was designated as a “high-risk region” for virus spread. 12 neighborhoods were added to the list of “medium-risk regions,” making it a total of 22 areas.

Governments in many parts of China also warned residents against non-essential travel to the capital and imposed quarantine requirements on visitors from Beijing.

Salmon Origins

Authorities have not yet identified how exactly the virus spread from the Xinfadi market.

Since June 12 evening, state-run media have suggested that the outbreak originated from imported salmon, because authorities found traces of the virus on a cutting board that was used for processing imported salmon at the market.

On Saturday, China’s National Health Commission ordered “a comprehensive inspection” of all seafood markets in Beijing.

During a Monday broadcast on state-run CCTV, Yang Peng, a specialist on infectious disease control at the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), was quoted as saying that after genetic sequencing, the virus found at the market was similar to the strain found in Europe.

“The preliminary judgment is that the virus is related to… contaminated seafood or meat, or people who entered the market,” Yang said.

Wu Zunyou, the chief specialist at China CDC, told state-run newspaper People’s Daily on June 15: “The source of the virus at this outbreak is not from Beijing. It must be from another place.”

But Wu said the genetic sequencing doesn’t necessarily mean the virus is from Europe. “It’s also possible that it’s from North America or Russia.”

Dr. Sean Lin, former lab director of the viral disease branch at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, said it is impossible for salmon to transmit a type of coronavirus to humans.

“Normally [consuming contaminated] fish can cause digestive system diseases, such as enteritis, bacterial gastroenteritis, and so on,” Lin added.

Zhang Yuxi, chairman of the Xinfadi market, also told state-run newspaper Beijing News that all nine employees who work at salmon booths in the market have tested negative for the virus.

Still, almost all Beijing markets and restaurants removed salmon from their shelves and menus on Saturday.

Some European suppliers of salmon said they can no longer sell to China.

“We can’t send any salmon to China now, the market is closed,” said Stein Martinsen, head of sales and marketing at Norway Royal Salmon.

Norway’s Food Safety Authority also said there was no evidence fish could be infected with the virus.