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Melbourne Brake Caliper Painting

What we do

Painting of Brake Calipers for ALL makes and ALL models
Providing Caliper Stickers / Decals / Logos for DIY projects
Alloy wheel repair
Minor Bumper and Panel Repair

Disclaimer :

We paint brake calipers while they are still attached to the car. We do not remove the brake calipers or any braking system parts off the car . More information can be found on our terms and conditions page.

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Wheel Repair / Resprays

We also specialize in alloy wheel repair
We can repair gutter rash , scratches and all blemishes on alloy wheels.
We also offer full wheel resprays and colour changes on wheels.
Please click on Wheel Buddy for more info.

Wheel Hub Rust Repair

We can also remove the rust from your wheel hubs using a rust proof painting method which will improve the look and protect from rust in future.

More Info

We offer custom painting and restoration of Brake Calipers for All Makes and All models of cars.
We can also apply a brake caliper sticker or decal to the caliper and remove rust from wheel hubs where needed.

Restored / Painted brake calipers are a great compliment for alloy wheels and create a subtle and well noticeable look for the car.

Having your brake calipers professionaly painted means that you are getting a 3 stage process, Primer , Colour and Clear Coating.

There are many colour combinations that need to be concidered when painting your brake calipers and we can provide you some examples of what works well.
Visit our Image Gallery and Decals pages for some good ideas
The most common is painting the brake calipers in RED, it is a traditional sports look and is adopted by Porsche Classics, Citroen, Brembo and other major brands such as Ferrari and Mercedes AMG.