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Age-related home problems

Buying a used house in Minnesota? Here's a rough timeline of potential problems to look out for. It's impossible to make a perfect chart like this because so many of these things are generalities, but I think this chart is a great starting point to knowing what types of issues to look out for.
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Hackers Help: Have you seen this chair?

I have an IKEA chair purchased sometime between 2010-2018 and it could not have been more than $20 ¨C $40. Possibly one of those deal of the week / deal of the month situations.I would describe it as a stripped down version of the PO?NG. It has four legs and a simple metal frame. The chair cover slips over and is secured by Velcro underneath the seat.Even without much back support it??s still pretty comfortable! However, I cannot find the name of this item anywhere (old catalogs, Google image search, WayBackMachine, etc).Have you seen it before?~ by Michelle***Hi MichelleI thought it was an IKEA NOLBYN high-back armchair, which I found a photo of on Amazon UK. However, on closer inspection, the bones don??t match. The back screws are situated much lower than yours. And the armrests are narrower. The IKEA NOLBYN comes with a slip-on headrest. But it??s pretty darn close.The IKEA NOLBYN was discontinued. Its minimalist style continues in a very similar looking but shorter NOLMYRA.NOLMYRA easy cha??

How to paint the SKRUVSTA chair with chalk paint

Yes I did it ?? painting a fabric chair with chalk paint. And it looks awesome!I have a 13 year old SKRUVSTA white chair that was in need of some TLC ??I love how comfortable this chair is and I was not ready to spend money buying the same chair when the frame of my chair was still perfectly intact.  Originally, I planned to slip cover it but it seems too complicated an undertaking. And then, Chalk Paint came to the rescue!I love how this paint is so versatile and requires no preparation before painting. The process of painting fabric with chalk paintThe process couldn??t be simple.First, I cleaned the chair to remove dirt and oils that could compromise the adherence of paint with soapy warm water and a cloth.Then, I applied a coat of Behrs Chalk paint with a regular brush.I choose Summer Porch as the color. Since I use this chair daily and wanted a durable covering, I decided to give it a second coat after 3 hours of drying. Then, I let it dry overnight.Next morning, after applying a coat??

Modern DIY wall clock for less than $10

A DIY sunburst wall clock made from IKEA skewers.A nice wall clock need not be expensive. (I only spent $9.24).I made this wall clock with IKEA bamboo skewers. IKEA items used: GRILLTIDER x 2 GRILLTIDER skewer, bamboo | IKEA.comOther materials and tools:Clock movementClock needle setCover for clock movementWooden wine case (If you have a round plate that can drill holes, you can use that)Strong adhesive epoxy adhesiveDrillNipperTorch  DIY IKEA wall clock1. Stick two skewers together. Glue the sharp edges together and press it down for a while. Prepare 18 two-attached units.2. Glue all 18 of them together until the circular plate is complete. I first tried to make it out of woodworking glue. Using woodworking glue or glue gun is too weak. Make sure to use strong adhesive.3. Put a new skewers between the skewers. Related:Sunburst clock using clothes pegs4. Draw a triangle on the circular plate to find the center of circle. And mark the center of the round plate and each 30 degrees.5. Drill??

Faux it till you grow it: 14 IKEA faux plants that I love

Green alert! IKEA FEJKA faux plants are on salenow.Plants. Essential in a home??s decor but they are not the easiest of housemates to have. Plants are living things after all, and they demand your time and attention to thrive.So while you??re getting your thumbs green, there are faux plants.However, not all artificial plants are created equal. Most of the IKEA FEJKA faux plants ?? the leafy ones ?? are quite lifelike. If you don??t look too closely. As for the flowers ?? you??ll need to be more picky with them.Faux plants can definitely give your home a green boost, especially in darker spaces where it??s impossible to keep anything alive.You can also keep a few of them faux plants stored away and change them up with the seasons.These 14 are my favourite picks from the IKEA FEJKA range. What??s more, most of them on sale at the IKEA Summer Sale (USA).(FYI, the measurements refer to the pot size, not the height of the plant. Click the caption link to view details on IKEA website or purchase onl??

4 ways to update the DR?NA storage box to fit the room

The DR?NA fabric storage box at $3.99 is the cheapest bin made to fit the KALLAX or EXPEDIT. IKEA says the box adds a sense of softness to your storage ¨C whether it??s in the walk-in closet or in the living room.Over the years IKEA has added more patterns and colours to the range. DR?NA storage boxes | Buy on IKEA.comBut there are times, the ready designs still doesn??t fit your home decor or tastes. When that happens, here??s what you can do.#1 Stencil itI had the stencils and stencil brush already and some sample pots left from another project. As the boxes cost something like ?3 each, it was worth having a go. They also have two sides with the band, so if one side isn??t good ?? you can always turn it around!IKEA items used:DR?NA storage boxKALLAX (EXPEDIT) storage unitOther materials and tools:Any type of acrylic paint (I used sample paint pots left from another project)StencilStencil brushUse painters tape to mark out the top band of the DR?NA box and paint a solid colour; let it dry.T??

Q: MALM + KALLAX bed hack with SNARUM mattress?