• BaskerviIle37

    Show some recent work

    Not really work, more of a lockdown project to get me away from my screen. I've been working on this oil painting for about 6 weeks. I've always loved the work of Pieter Claesz, particularly his 'ontbijtjes' still lifes. So I decided to do a still life with objects I had laying around in that style. When life gives you lemons...

    • !!!!!!!nb
    • Magnificent.deadsperm
    • Amazing work. I had to do such things in art school, too, but never was as good as you. Absolutely great! The glass looks just wow. Lemon peel. WOW.SimonFFM
    • Just showed my wife from a distance and she thought it was a photo. Congratulations!SimonFFM
    • The light is amazing. Love the glass especially.PhanLo
    • that's incredible. Can't imagine how difficult it is to do that glass on a jet black bg. The whole thing is beyond my comprehension tb honestFax_Benson
    • Amazing! Wish I had the free time to pursue stuff like this right now :)yuekit
    • beautiful!scruffics
    • Superb!OBBTKN
    • Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Feels good to do something aside from UX work occasionallyBaskerviIle
    • So beautiful!fisheye
    • sickmilfhunter
    • Fuck this is incrediblepedromendez
    • getouttahere
      from photo or actual still life?
    • Nice glazing :)Gnash
    • @drgs, actual still life, set it up on my mantelpiece. Worked from reference photos too since fruit shrivels and rots etcBaskerviIle
    • Amazing!dmay
    • dude!!!Calderone2000
    • At first I thought this is so well executed. Why did he use a glass that would come from a greasy spoon rest stop but then I realized that would be a great ideaCyBrainX
    • ...to do a scene in this immaculate refined style but it's lousy diner food - french fries, hot dogs, ketchup blobs on the table, dirty napkins, etc.CyBrainX
    • @CyBrainX nice idea. The glass is literally just the Ikea tumblers I use at home.BaskerviIle
    • Wow, your skills are severe! As the judges on Portrait/Landscape Artist of the Year say, ‘there are some incredible passages of paint’Wolfboy
    • As has been mentioned, the rendering of glass with liquid on black is awesome.Wolfboy
    • Incredible! UX is cool and all but man, this is your calling.dyspl
    • Superb work :)mrAtor
    • Fucking nice!bezoar
    • I've long had a preference for genre painting. the nobility of just great painting. Nice value control, as seen in the reflection on the marble top.MrAbominable
    • Thanks for putting up the second and third photos! I thought it was a photo! Awesome work!!mapleT
    • Excellentsinjun
    • My Grandad used to paint in this style.
      Bless his socks though, he wasn't very good. And I'm being generous. RIP x
      SO GOOD, Baskerville.
    • I had NEVER 'til now considered just how fucking hard this shit must have been in the old days, prior to photography. Spot who didn't go to Art School...Nairn
    • Exceptionally good. Fantastic talent!zarb0z
    • Everything said in the notes, your painting skills are awesome. +10000grotesk_neue
  • Bluejam17


    "It's not really working from home anymore is it? It's living at work."

  • drgs9
    • sup klaus?neverscared
    • The most 1970’s Germany pic ever lol_niko
    • "the sound is going to be shit, he doesn't even know how to hold a boom!"moldero
    • The pose is called ?Russenhocke“ (Russian Crouch) and is an official pose at insta. Was surprised when I learned it 2 years ago.SimonFFM
    • GopnikCactus
    • Willem Befoe?fooler
  • grafician2
    • That wake is fake as hellGnash
    • All the other shots/videos depicting Nessie had a long water trail, maybe it's long and big underwater and very quick to leave a wake like thatgrafician
    • That guy Steve said it all happened very quickly, kinda like the thing barely crazed the surface to produce that wakegrafician
    • Oh, I guess. Love for it to be realGnash
    • 'may have been Photoshopped'. Holy mythical creatures, Batman. Fair play if he hoodwinks people, I have beans and a bidge for sale.face_melter
    • But if it's big underwater, some water displacement should've been seen in front of it too...Idk, we need higher quality photosgrafician
    • It can't be a whale as the lock is not connected to the sea and it has freshwater.
      Also none of the species of fish in the lock look like that or are that big!
    • https://en.wikipedia…grafician
    • See, it's a plesiosaurqoob
    • photoshop
    • Was looking at Greenland sharks as they also have spots, but they are too slow and live at great depthsgrafician
    • https://en.wikipedia… just fyigrafician
    • the potato used for taking this photo couldn't take video instead?Krassy
    • It’s a smallmouth bass. But a lurker for sure!Al_dizzle
    • Plesiosaur it can't be, as the lake is only 10000 years old or so, from the last Ice Age...grafician
    • Yes, this image turned out to be fake, but the mystery still remains...grafician
  • Hayzilla10


    Can I have the link to that Robbo blocker extension please. I actually want to use it on someone else here. Is that possible?

    • https://www.qbn.com/…deadsperm
    • does that even work? I have not updated that thing in yearsernexbcn
    • I can make a new one if you guys really need iternexbcn
    • For firefox, please!dmay
    • Thats not it. It was about 3yrs ago. Just for blocking all robbotroniks posts.Hayzilla
    • Can plugins work across Chrome/Firefox these days? Weren't they working on some compatability standardisation? I keep meaning to look into dev'ing one...Nairn
    • MS Edge can use Chrome extensions since both are chromium browsers, Firefox you need to do another for iternexbcn
    • same thing with Safariernexbcn
    • but it's mostly the same code, it's javascript, just a different way to package it / folder structureernexbcn
    • anyway, who has the link to the thread Hayzilla asked about?fadein11
  • face_melter9


    As a follow-up to my previous post.

    Bastards are go!

  • imbecile3


    Productive day. Woke up while it was still dark, finished work on a client site, cleaned in the kitchen, did some laundry, grabbed some groceries, and decided to make myself a burger for lunch. It was 9:30 am. Still ate it. ?\_(ツ)_/?

  • Moderator2

    Post one design thing a day.

    As Bennn suggested below, please use the existing Pic of the Day - Design thread, and not this one created by a troll we've had to ban multiple times before.


    • I'm a what now?Nairn
    • OH, the above post, haha gotcha!Nairn
    • that's fucked upimbecile
    • Yes, apologies Nairn. I was referring to library. Carry on.Moderator
  • Gardener6
  • Wolfboy20

    QBN mugs 2020

    I'm creating a graphic novel at the moment and the first five pages are a flash back that is supposed to feel a bit fairy tale like. So I'm doing those pages in lino cut print and I needed a bit of reference for a salty seadog captain of the ship:

    • looks great Wolf! you nailed it.capn_ron
    • awesomeKrassy
    • Good stuff! Like the portrait too.PhanLo
    • Very cool. Love the illustration style.mort_
    • Awesome! Keep us posted on the novelBennn
    • Love the shadow under the brim!misterhow
    • Amazing! The clouds are very art deco, my favorite styleSoulFly
    • Cheers everyone, I’ve got one more panel to cut and print to finish this page. I’ll post it when it’s done.Wolfboy
    • I love lino prints. Nice work.MrT
    • Looks fantasticChimp
    • Super cool!SimonFFM
  • Bluejam7
  • eryx18

    QBN mugs 2020

    Some Covid hair for ya!

    • Is that a fucking Klingon Bat'leth?!

      hahaha, brilliant.
    • Oh dear Lord – Don Simon Sangria???Nairn
    • You bet it says it is the world's #1 right on the bottle.eryx
    • I think we used to buy that and mix it with Coca-Cola for a really shit calimocho-type drunken adolescent juice when I was a young'unNairn
    • Lol it is for mixing with white claws.eryx
    • KMFDM, doin it again!monospaced
    • Kill MotherFucking Depeche Mode?Krassy
    • Nice T shirt :)yuekit
    • Kalimotxo done with sangria?? Wtf Nairn!!OBBTKN
    • Hey, I used to drink Martini, Buckfast, Malibu and Southern Comfort *shrugs* :)Nairn
    • Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleidmonospaced
    • ^ or that, yeahKrassy
    • Fucking KMFDM, man. Shit, I had like 14 of their discs back in the 90's, I'll have to dig them out.elahon
    • megalomaniacal and harder than the restimbecile
  • PhanLo8
    • That gets difficult to read around the sixth lineNairn
    • Oh my God
    • Wait. What fuck is this?Nairn
    • Seriously WTF? Injecting someone with Ket?!Nairn
      BAN GUNS
    • I actually really don't like posting this stuff, it just creates more trauma, but look at that kid. That's his last words, just so fucking sad.PhanLo
    • I really wish I'd scrolled down a bit before making my first stupid fuckwit comment.Nairn
    • Poor fucking kid.

      Man. Just. Fucking hell.
      I really don't.
    • There's a kid like him walks up and down my street with his headphones who dances and sings to his walkman.PhanLo
    • https://www.instagra…PhanLo
    • This is awful.instrmntl
    • what the fuckFax_Benson
    • "[the officers] did not commit any criminal acts, and no charges were put against them"imbecile
    • The murderers were awarded paid time off to recoup.nb
    • WHAT THE FUCKGucci
    • Pure racist cunts. Became cops so they can do this. I bet they went out for donuts after this on work time to boast about how racist they got to be.monospaced
    • There is no other reason. If this was a white guy it wouldn’t have happened.monospaced
    • Go directly to jail, don't collect 100, no get-out-of-jail-free... this was murder and the person who called the police on him must go to jail too!grafician
    • deathboy has a throbbing boner.utopian
    • ... haven't seen anything about this and the video doesn't give enough info to even form an opinion. Only thing that strikes me is it appears to be all recordeddeathboy
    • Makes me think nothing to it. Considering media exploits what ever they can. Could just be the video but the images above surely are suppose to invite emotiondeathboy
    • But not in video.... Something seems offdeathboy
    • But I bet a no knee jerk response gets some racist callingdeathboy
    • deathpenalty for the cops.neverscared
    • just kidding.neverscared
    • jail for long, long long time for these racist losers.neverscared
    • the images above are of his face, and of his last words, and if you don't feel anything over this you are not only a stupid fuck, you're also psychotic.monospaced
    • He was arrested for being black, and was killed, deathboy. What POSSIBLE justification could there be for his death? Please, share or STFU you asshole.monospaced
    • i'm sorry i'm new here [not really] but why do you allow asshats to remain on this site
      - its a simple case if you can't show empathy or at least recognize its
    • a problem why are you here ? why are you allowed here ? do the guys allowing you just like conflicting with asshats.. go outside start a fight with a racist assurbanturban
    • like a real man don't play on his bs - exclude him from this playground that just exercises his shit demeanor.urbanturban
  • SimonFFM10


    People around me act as if everything was normal again. They say it’s the new normal.

    My 2020 is miserable and I have no idea when I will be able to proceed with my projects.

    Maybe some of you feel the same. Just wanted to say how this feels for me at the moment.

    Please no upvoting. I am ok.

    • upvoted.Nairn
    • here for you bro +nudes
    • +1 from @nudes ;)hardhat
    • Can you pivot and photograph something different for a while? Maybe do a session something where all the photos are taken from a distance?eryx
    • Simon, you'll bounce back. The only way is UP from here.Krassy
    • Sorry - not to be that guy, but: You seem to have a fairly successful career? I appreciate that appearances can be deceiving, but...?Nairn
    • That said, I am highly successful and even I have my occasional down points, so I guess I understand.
    • +1uan
    • You'll get back to it soon enough, it can't last forever. BTW, you've got a few upvotes that you clearly said you didn't want, do you want a downvote from me?Wolfboy
    • Can you shoot at a distance of 2m? Seems pretty safe. Or is it that no one is hiring?nb
    • Upvotes? Ok, another one 4 you Simon ;)OBBTKN
    • Take solace that we're in the shits together. The new "normal" is anything but, and will likely be very temporary. Cheers, mate.Gucci
    • Im surprised no one is hiring for masked photoshoots. I personally find it really sexy.noRGB
    • I know this feeling, and its awful. I work in the film industry so I know we will return to work but the uncertainty of when is brutal.FawnDog
    • Thanks for cheering me up, guys. I tried to explain that I am ok, just feeling odd, because there's no perspective yet.SimonFFM
    • My projects involve traveling, models, locations. All is extremely vague at the moment. Lost already several thousands and won't want to risk another time.SimonFFM
    • I could shoot, but I am in Frankfurt. No models here. It will work out again in the future, just sucks. And it's not normal. Not "new normal" for me.SimonFFM
    • Thanks for your support, guys! I just don't want to sound like a crybaby. I was just describing my situation.SimonFFM
    • The uncertainty around travel is very frustrating. I booked a flight a couple months ago, the next day the airline basically went out of business.yuekit
    • What about a new "quarantine project"? Shoot cats, dogs, stills, etc, with some kind of theme? Just something to keep your skills fresh and your head in the...elahon
    • ...game? This is definitely some crazy shit. I never thought we'd all experience something like this in our lifetime, yet here we are. =(elahon
    • I have plenty of stuff to do, right now I do an art project. My new calendar has been printed, etc. Just can’t work on my usual things and feel stopped.SimonFFM
  • autoflavour4

    Pic of the Day

    After pulling a car over for speeding late Saturday afternoon, Florida cops searched the vehicle and discovered an array of narcotics--cocaine, Ecstasy, meth, fentanyl, and GHB--stashed inside a pouch labeled “Bag Full Of Drugs,” investigators report.

  • Bennn1

    Conspiracy of the day

    I dipped my toe in the QAnon thing to learn a bit about it and know what are all these lunatics talking about on social media.

    omg.... We live in a strange time my friends. The internet and the social medias are changing our society in a scale that we have yet to measure!

    I follow a group on FB since a couple days that post all the crazy things that the conspiracies theorists post between them.

    And this is serious, many of them have real obsessions over things that are fabricated and totally crazy.

    • Lack of education, raising kids, logic, all this compounds, social media amplifies this shit, destroying the fabric of society. Ppl don't trust anything anymoregrafician
    • it's scary, for realBennn
    • That movie "Idiocracy" comes to mind too often these days...grafician
    • Bennn what are QAnon's basic beliefs?cherub
    • lol...there was a guy who started posting on 4chan claiming he was inside the government. And it somehow evolved into this cultlike movementyuekit
    • that thinks the world is run by satanic pedophiles. Donald Trump was sent by Jesus to arrest the pedos and create a Christian utopia.yuekit
    • The thing about misinformation is that, to be effective it has to contain a half-truth. That's what makes it dangerous.cherub
    • Ironically they make it harder to take anyone seriously who questions accepted ideas.Chimp
    • Perhaps they are a conspiracy to discredit other conspiracy theories? ;)Chimp
  • nb7

    State of the QBN 2020

    Too many racists.

    Too many trolls.

    Almost no design content.

    QBN is dead.

    • There are a couple. The rest of the content is the rest of us posting every negative thing that happens in the world and moaning about it.Fax_Benson
    • every Trump indiscretion, every failure of capitlasim, every redneck at a rally, random's facebook meltdowns, the dregs of twitterFax_Benson
    • the answer's always the same - post more stuff that's good to look at or interesting to read / discuss.Fax_Benson
    • Do we not have a generic 'nice design thing i found today' thread? where do i post this?
    • I actually wanted to post this earlier:
      but then got distracted.
    • When in doubt just post it in Pic (pick) of the Day, one of our most popular threads.deadsperm
    • There's probably a Lettering thread but just post it on PotD and make everyone's life better.deadsperm
    • This site is what we make it, but we have no power to remove the racistsnb
    • We have always been fine with a little racism sprinkled here and there. Only now it's trending. Things should calm down in a month or so.deadsperm
    • You mean, after the holocaust?Nairn
    • LOLdeadsperm
    • And this is why we can't have nice things.deadsperm
    • There are definitely some people on this site with...I dunno...rage issues?
      Best just to ignore them :)
    • I don't ignore racismnb
    • And the whining continues. Where do you see blatant racism. Can you link to posts so we can have a look?NBQ00
    • Be the change u want nb. U seem to care about other shitdeathboy
    • This is supposed to be a design forum. Do we really need a PotD - Design? Design should be the default.
    • i dunno... i go to a few other sites for daily design news at this point, but I come here every day to catch up and see how you folks are doing :)exador1
    • i may only post a few times a week, but i generally come here atleast once a day to check in... after 20+ years of being here...exador1
    • It's gotten to be a funny enough place with some real characters etc... plus some of us have known each other a LONG time at this point...exador1
    • plus, every once in a while there's some super quality stuff posted in the Useful thread... that stuff is pure gold.exador1
  • mort_3
    • https://tilde-elektr…mort_
    • NEED.. I wonder how many people on that waiting list..autoflavour
    • well how cool is thisprophetone
    • Beautiful. Seems like he launched the YT video and said he had a couple for sale on his website. Now he has a waiting list into next year! Nuts!microkorg
    • For ?200 it's a pretty decent price for a boutique and beautiful instrument like this. He could be charging double that and folk would pay.microkorg
    • A stoned me from years gone by could've spent literally days in front of this lol.microkorg
    • that is awesomesausages
  • imbecile6


    I'd like to get back to drawing / sketching again, and with the apps available on the App Store, I think there are more than enough options to fit my style / needs.

    Any iPad or iPad Pro users here? Specifically those using an Apple Pencil. Which do you use? Do you enjoy it? If you are using one, have you used the other for comparison?

    I have a Wacom Cintiq, it is not portable at all. From what I have seen on YouTube, the lag on an iPad, whether it be Pro or not, will be less than I currently experience with the Wacom. Being less on the Pro than the iPad respectively.

    As far as parallax, the Cintiq has it, the iPad has it, the Pro has significantly less.

    I feel like I've already talked myself into thinking that buying a used iPad Pro or new iPad with a new Apple Pencil to supplement the Wacom and get back desk space will be enough.

    I guess I want to see if anyone has any personal iPad / Pro anecdotal experience they'd like to share?

    • iPad Pro 2018 + old version pencil + Procreate = around $600 done!grafician
    • You will develop a tick, double tapping the paper when drawing irl to undo...grafician
    • Go for it, I went with the larger one, find it more comfy. New pencil + Procreate + a screen protector (got the Benks one) for paper rather than glass feel.spl33nidoru
    • The smaller sizes are certainly better if you want to carry it around often, which I don't. Also get a strong case as these Pro are thin and will bend easily.spl33nidoru
    • so far, that's pretty much my planimbecile
    • oops, that reply was to graph. thanks for the input spl, I hadn't thought about protection / transport yetimbecile
    • I too have the 2018, it's perfect, can't think of anything I would need the newer one forspl33nidoru
    • I rediscovered Wacom+Photoshop recently and it's the best option for me. People using Procreate on iPad is noticable i think, there's a look from it that is recBennn
    • Bought the first iPad Pro and Pencil for the purpose of sketching, tried and tried but coming from years on a Wacom I honestly don't like the Pencil.face_melter
    • The balance is wrong, with the weight at the top end and the cylindrical shape slips in your hand. So if you want the OG Pencil, def. try it first.face_melter
    • As for apps, I recommend Art Studio Pro - the closest thing to desktop Ps you can get, makes Adobe's efforts look like pure shit. It even reads Ps brushes.face_melter
    • good call https://www.wacom.co…imbecile
    • I've used the 2018 10.5" and the 12.9" as well as the newest ones. I prefer the older series not just for price but for feel. Rounded edges, circular pencil.nb
    • I prefer the midsize (10.5 or 11) over the 12.9". I like to hold the iPad while I draw and the 12.9 gets heavy in the hand, it's awkward.nb
    • Also the price of the 2018 model plus pencil plus keyboard was hundreds less than the new modelsnb
    • Work bought the iPad Pro 2018 with Pencil for me. Finally using procreate on it. Takes some getting used to.shapesalad
    • Other drawing apps not as good as procreate. Yet procreate isn’t perfect. I want a quick custom menu panel. To throw brushes and swatches in.shapesalad
    • You’ll want a rubber grip thing for the pencil. If you’re not young and have bad finger joints like me.shapesalad
    • Not had any issues with lag. That’s an issue only nit pickers and people looking to make YouTube videos face.shapesalad
    • I picked up my wife's apple pencil to play with on my iPad mini and found myself enjoying drawing again https://www.flickr.c…JerseyRaindog
    • Link got cut off I think https://www.flickr.c…JerseyRaindog
    • Now I've taken to drawing tractors just for the hell of it https://www.flickr.c…JerseyRaindog
    • ^Get em posted Jersey! Love the tractors.PhanLo
  • moldero14