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Microsoft unveils a radically redesigned Windows 8

Microsoft unveils a radically redesigned Windows 8

Windows 8 is coming soon -- and it looks nothing like the Windows you're used to.

Microsoft formally introduced Windows 8 on Tuesday to thousands of software developers gathered at the company's annual Build conference in Anaheim, Calif. The software giant said it reimagined Windows for the "changing world of computing."

Windows 8 has a completely new visual interface, optimized for touchscreens on mobile devices like tablets.
The result is a computer that operates as a kind of hybrid PC and media tablet, with all the functions of a standard PC operating system but the user experience of a tablet.

Windows 8 is designed to be "touch first, but equally at home with mouse and keyboard," said Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft's Windows division president.

The changes can't come soon enough for Microsoft: Apple's (AAPL, Fortune 500) iPad is cutting deeply into PC sales, setting off warning bells for companies like Microsoft that rely heavily on consumers buying new PCs. Windows 7, which has been on the market for two years, only recently eclipsed Microsoft's decade-old Windows XP in its number of users.

Windows 8 launched in "preview mode" on Tuesday for developers to toy around with. It didn't work perfectly in Microsoft's demonstration, but software in this early stage of development often is bug-ridden.

Still, the preview revealed a refined, simple, and in many ways elegant user interface that looks very similar to Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7. The change will mark Windows' biggest visual overhaul in decades.

Users begin with an opening screen that looks a bit like Microsoft's Bing search engine home page. A large photo takes up the majority of the screen, with icons that show the user how many e-mails, messages and notifications are waiting for them.

After the user logs in, they reach a "start screen" featuring interactive tiles that launch with a tap of the finger or the click of a mouse. Unlike most tablets on the market today, Windows 8-powered devices will be able to launch applications side-by-side. That means users can multitask between, say, a movie and an instant messaging program.

Behind the user interface, which Microsoft dubs "Metro," is a streamlined operating system that Microsoft says runs more efficiently than the current version of the OS, Windows 7.

"Everything that was great for Windows 7, we took that and made it better for Windows 8," said Sinofsky.

To prove it, Sinofsky demonstrated Windows 8 operating on a three-year old, first-generation netbook.

Using Windows Task Manager, he showed that Windows 8 actually used less memory than the netbook did while running Windows 7. He also demonstrated everyday PCs, laptops and tablets that booted in less than 10 seconds.

That efficiency is hugely important to customers, who roundly rejected Windows Vista for its chunkiness. A lightweight OS is even more important now as tablet computers grow in popularity.

That's particularly crucial for Windows 8, because for the first time, Windows will work on power-sipping ARM-based chips made by Qualcomm (QCOM, Fortune 500), Samsung, and Texas Instruments (TXN, Fortune 500), among others.

"I promise you we did not lose sight of fundamentals," Sinofsky said.

But make no mistake: Windows 8 is a PC operating system. It may be optimized for touch and mobile, but applications are largely bifurcated into "Metro-style" apps and desktop applications.

There are applications that just won't work on a tablet user interface that are going to look and feel a whole lot like your old-fashioned point-and-click Windows-based software.

For example, one press of a Windows button switches back and forth between the Metro experience and the desktop experience. Windows 8, in a sense, has two interfaces.

In other words, Microsoft is betting that people want a full PC experience on the go and a tablet-like experience on their PCs. That's very different from the approach by Apple or Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), which build two separate operating systems for PCs and mobile devices.

Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) began revealing some of Windows 8's features as early as June. In a YouTube video, the company showed off some aspects of the new "Metro" user interface, and since then, the company has been giving weekly sneak peaks in a blog written by Sinofsky.

The company hasn't yet set a launch date for Windows 8, but it has hinted that its new operating system will begin rolling out in 2012.

Microsoft unveils a radically redesigned Windows 8
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Terkapar Dimana-mana!! Pengungsi Somalia Meregang Nyawa Kelaparan

Pengungsi Somalia benar-benar terpuruk. Mereka harus berjuang melawan kelaparan. Di tengah kurangnya bahan makanan, gizi buruk, mereka harus bertahan hidup. Meski pada sisi lain, keselamatan mereka diancam karena kondisi keamanan yang mencekam. Tim Aksi Cepat Tanggap yang tergabung dalam Komite Indonesia untuk Solidaritas Somalia menceritakan keprihatinan pengungsi Somalia saat tiba di Bandar Udara Internasional Soekarno-Hatta, belum lama ini.

Manusia meregang nyawa kelaparan tergelepar bagai anai anai bertaburan

"Kalau kita melihat makanan dilalati, apa yang kita rasakan. Tapi saudara kita ini dilalati. Bahkan untuk mengibas lalatpun, mereka sepertinya enggan. Dan kondisinya sudah seperti itu," ujar Ketua Tim Imam Akbar kepada wartawan menggambarkan sulitnya pengungsi untuk bisa makan hingga seolah berebut makanan dengan lalat.

Mengenaskan kondisi pengungsi Somalia yang kritis karena kelaparan

Menurut Imam, hampir tiap harinya, sekitar 1500 sampai 2 ribu orang pengungsi Somalia menuju perbatasan. Kondisi mereka sangat memprihatinkan, dan membutuhkan bantuan semua pihak. Ia meminta kepergian Tim ACT ke Somalia tak usah diributkan lagi. "Untuk anak-anak yang kita periksa, selain mengalami dehidrasi, rata-rata dari mereka kekurangan gizi bahkan terbilang akut. Sehingga merusak organ sampai menyebabkan kebutaan, dan menjalar ke organ lainnya," imbuhnya. Dikatakan Imam, PBB yang sampai turun ke sana menangani pengungsi Somalia pun keteteran. Mereka mengalami keterbatasan untuk memberi bantuan kepada pengungsi. Sehingga dibutuhkan gelombang dan gerakan kepedulian semua orang.

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