Empowering Operators with Flexible Fulfillment Solutions
Give your team the right tools to automGive your team the right tools to improve putaway, picking, sortation, packing and shipping
Give your team
the right tools
Smart allocation rules assign work from your order pool to optimize picking efficiency
Assign work
Accelerate training time and empower warehouse associates to succeed quickly
Make the job
Scale and flex your warehouse fulfillment solutions without costly or disruptive infrastructure changes
Integrate and
expand seamlessly
Real-time data helps identify fulfillment trends and opportunities for warehouse improvement
Drive improvement
with data
Increase warehouse throughput with a fulfillment automation solution that requires no new infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking to increase throughput, accelerate new hire training or delight customers, 6 River Systems is leading the way to faster ful?llment with increased ?exibility, scalability, and reliability.

Increase pick rates in your warehouse by 2-3x with 6 River Systems.
Increase in

Millions of units fulfilled per week


A Safer Workplace At Office Depot


Best-in-Class Customer Service,
Automated Fulfillment


Electronics Repair Hub Doubles Productivity


Easy To Implement, Easy To Love


Same-Day Shipping At Medical Apparel Company


3PL Replaces Conveyor
With Flexible Automation

Large, modular and multi-level workspaces fit more orders, allowing you to use fewer robots. Get better utilization of your investment with the most configurable collaborative mobile robot in the industry.
Chuck is a collaborative mobile robot that is part of 6 River Systems’ fulfillment solution. Chuck transforms the productivity of your warehouse associates and the flexibility of your operation throughout picking, replenishment and related tasks.

Mobile Sort

Intelligently generate and fulfill batched orders using collaborative robots, mobile workstations and machine learning.
Mobile Sort enables warehouse associates to intelligently pick and sort batches into discrete orders.

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“Our solution from 6 River Systems enables us to increase our throughput and get more orders out the door and into customers’ hands.”

Glen Sutton, SVP Americas

“6 River Systems increased our productivity. We also found that associates felt better about the work they were doing because it created a better environment for them.”

Corey Cook, Senior Solutions Architect

“6 River Systems’ software and their collaborative robot Chuck has increased our productivity, reduced error rates 50 percent and reduced training times to a matter of hours.”

Lewis Frazer, SVP Operations

“6 River Systems is the safest and most productive automation that we have implemented here at Office Depot.”

Bob Abbondanza, Senior Director of Engineering and Network Design

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