Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anonymous Photo Gallery

Spirit of the street god appear to those who pay the respects.

Golden Child in NYC

The Golden child is believed to be a Thai boy spirit recently captured on the photographs in many corners of New York City. They would only appear on the photo with the flash light.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Haunted Wall : Street God Spirit

(Flash Point)

Street God : Invisible Graffiti from tu on Vimeo.

Street God in action from tu on Vimeo.

Geek Graffiti: Street God Spirit. It is invisible in both day and night. Only way to capture the true spirit is by taking a picture with the flash or the Video camera with infrared night vision. Street god would appear like an aura, extension arms from the bodies of those who pay the great respects. The holy ground is marked by the "flashpoint" symbol.

The Secret holy paint is here:
Official Description,

Krylon Industrial REFLECT-A-LITE clear coating diretly reflects flashligh or headlights, making items extraordinarily visible in the dark or under emergency lighting conditions. It's a clear aerosal reflective coating that uses a glass sphere technology and can be applied to virtually any item without obscuring its orginal color.

REFLECT-A-LITE coating can be applied to rough and complex shapes not suitable for reflective films. It employs a special high delivery valve to optimize application.

Usually it costs around US$20 per can but if you buy in 12 pack.
but check this out
( $3.95 per can!!)
http://www.invplus.com/aerosol/catalog_krylon_reflect.htm , Seton, All State Signage

Monday, March 10, 2008


Invisible tag on the door - only visible through flash light

Invisible tag on the window

Invisible tag on neighbourhood