Find lost items with the impressive Tile app

08 Jun 2020 / reviews

Finally, with Tile, I was able to achieve peace in mind. I am a kind of creative person and a day dreamer, and often keep forgetting where I put my phone, left the keys or rem...
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Tunity - Hear any muted TV review

05 May 2020 / reviews

If you have ever been outside your house then you must have encountered a situation where the TV is muted. Be it airport lounges, the waiting areas in hospitals, or in front o...
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Good casino apps

07 Mar 2020 / reviews

With almost 50,000 casino or slots apps now in the AppStore, it’s important to be able to find the diamonds in the rough and as we have already reviewed more than 200 of...
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Big Fish Casino: Slots & Games App Review

07 Feb 2020 / reviews

Online gaming has become one of the biggest sections of the wider gaming industry. It generates a lot of heat and traction and is considered the number one form of entertainme...
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Hurdlr app review: a business person's companion tool

30 Jan 2020 / reviews

If you're tired of having to switch from app to app just to stay on top of your business finances then it's time to download the Hurdlr app for your iPod touch, iPad, ...
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MoPlay sport betting app review for 2020

02 Jan 2020 / reviews

MoPlay is one of the newer betting brands around, but they have quickly established a solid reputation online. Their mobile app is particularly impressive, offering punters th...
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CRM Task app review: offering advanced contact and communication tracking

12 Dec 2019 / reviews

CRM Task is a companion app of the web-based contact tracking service Highrise. 
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Sales Force Mobile CRM For iPad app review

13 Nov 2019 / reviews

Sales Force Mobile CRM For iPad app review: powerful resource management. Working in a busy sales environment with a lot of data to handle can sometimes be a little overwhelmi...
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TVG app review: making horse betting simple

29 Aug 2019 / reviews

TVG app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with horse betting odds, live video of the races, and then the race results
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MoShow app review: bring your photos to life

11 Dec 2017 / reviews

Advances in digital technology have enabled us to take photos of pretty much anything at any time, never missing a moment.
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Priority Matrix app review: get organized and streamlined

29 Nov 2017 / reviews

In today's fast-paced world, we either grow, learn, or adapt, or we get left behind. People who are ambitious, and Type-A personalities like me, tend to always bite off mo...
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UBMe app review: become a social butterfly

24 Oct 2017 / reviews

Connecting with new people has many benefits. It can help you network with the right people to get your startup off the ground. 
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Accompany app review: Become a people person

01 Oct 2017 / reviews

By definition, charming people are more well-liked. Likability, while somewhat inherent, can also be developed in a number of ways
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