Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Recent Furniture and Unusual Projects

My sister in San Jose wanted a coat hanger like the one my Father built for the family in Medford Oregon. We still have this in the house and I believe we've been using it for 30 years or so! I built my sister one to fit on her wall, but she insisted it be just like the one my Father built. We only added a shelf on top for keys, etc. It is made with Black Walnut I got from an old wood carver I found here in Denver. The dowels are also Walnut. I provided mounting holes in typical wall stud locations and included molys, screws and wood screw hole plugs when I shipped it so my sister could just mount it with no fuss.

Somehow either my feet or the cat are in a lot of my photos.

I built a beer tap handle for a guy that resembles a sports stadium he had seen in Baltimore. I made it out of Jatoba ( Brazilian Cherry ) one of the hardest and densest woods I know of. 25 times the hardness of Red Oak! I  bought a nickel plated beer tap. We painted one side of the large section with blackboard paint and on the other sides a replica of the clients tattoo and his last name. He has a man cave.The intricate fabrication of the top piece was definitely a challenge. I made a prototype out of Black Walnut that turned out so well my client kept it for another tap. I never even imagined I would some day make a beer tap handle!

I built a dining set of three chairs , two benches and a 5' square table with the corner "cut off" so there was ample room to walk by into my Aunt's kitchen. I used 2" high density upholstery foam and some quality upholstery fabric my mother in Oregon had on hand. My Aunt just loves it. I made it out of regular 2 x 4's planes down and I painted it at least six coats by hand with an excellent high-end paint. We added some wood balls to the chair legs to give it a little character.

Here I am at the Legion Post in Mitchell, Nebraska. I had wrapped the table, chairs and benches with green bubble wrap and stretchy plastic film so the set wouldn't get even a scratch as I drove it up from Denver. The new ratcheting straps I bought did a great job and I was never worried about losing it on the road!

A horse veterinarian had this medicine set of drawers mounted in the back of his truck when he was hit by a semi. It tore loose from it's mounting bolts and was racked so the drawers wouldn't open. I squared it up, installed new slides and I had a guy fabricate a new stainless steel face frame. The owners were very pleased with how easy the drawers worked and how well the new stainless latches worked.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here is a sample stairway we made in the showroom to show different newels, balusters, etc. We got a lot of questions on this one

Some built-ins and part of a wine rack

A Knotty Alder built-in with glass doors in process of fitting drawers and doors.
Low voltage lighting will really make the glass doors and glass shelves "pop".

Bead board and Carveright scroll work

Monday, June 30, 2008

Jatoba or Brazilian Cherry Wine Cabinet holds 104 bottles!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Adirondack Chairs
These are sprayed with four coats premium ICI Dulux semi-gloss oil based paint sanding in between coats. $625/pair